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List of Works


...none of this is likely, but it's also not impossible.

for bass trombone and fixed media

Commissioned by Adam Nissenbaum

microcontent to stave off the void

for soprano saxophone and marimba

for Joe Connor and Greg Riss


for trombone quartet and fixed media

for the Beltine Bones


[in progress] we grow accustomed to the dark

for voice, trumpet, trombone, cello, and electronics

Variations on a Theme

for brass trio

Music for Friday Afternoons

for trumpet and trombone

Il Mostro di Firenze

for bass clarinet, piano, and two percussion

commissioned by Zeitgeist for their 2022 Halloween Festival, with the theme "Monsters Among Us"


it was a time of heightened emotions

for tenor saxophone and fixed media

for Drew Hosler

[in progress] Do Not Go Quietly

for fixed media

Music to Ride the Train to

for fixed media

two types of dreams in just one minute

for solo tenor saxophone

For Vox Novus presents Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Drew Hosler

continually comparing myself to others until my head hurts and I can't sleep 

for any solo instrument and electronics

a feeling of inspiration in dark times

for electric guitar and trumpet with live electronics


Green Line

for solo trumpet and electronics


Lexington, North of University

for solo trumpet

For "Walking Songs"

bursts of energy that cannot be contained

for solo cello

For reNEW Music

[in progress] slate grey/grey blue

for string quartet

what a time to be alive

for soprano voice, bass clarinet, and djembe

For Sputter (SHRINKS THE) Box

Cycle of Threes: "And Death Shall Have No Dominion"

for percussion duo

For Sean Goldman

Veni Creator Spiritus

for brass trio and choir

Commissioned by Saint Thomas More Catholic Church


Hide and Seek (a colony of trees)

for soprano, bass clarinet, and percussion

For Sputter Box

Alina Tamborini, soprano

Kathryn Vetter, bass clarinet

Peter White, percussion

Symphony No. 1: "the present...a promiscuous rush..."

for violin, bass clarinet, and piano

For the Oasi Trio

Claire Niederberger, violin

Kathryn Vetter, bass clarinet

Magnus Villanueva, piano

Elegy for Uncommon Ground

for violin, bassoon, piano, and percussion

For Front Porch, premiered on December 11, 2019 at McIntosh Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ben Jackson, violin

Maddy Wildman, bassoon

Karalyn Schubring, piano

Jacob Rogers, percussion

Ghost Story

for soprano, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola, cello, and bass

For the Ember Septet. Words by Xander Gershberg.


for soprano, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola, cello, and bass

For the Ember Septet. Words by Xander Gershberg.

[in progress] Life Accelerated

for soprano saxophone and piano

For Dr. Jordan VanHemert



for soprano, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola, cello, and bass

For the Ember Septet. Words by Xander Gershberg.

[in progress] VIA POETICA

for STTTBarB, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, and bass

In collaboration with Darcy Blahut


Through and Through

piano solo

For the #45miniatures Project, hosted by Nicholas Phillips


[in progress] Hazy Blue Morning Music

chamber orchestra


truths: self-evident/alternative

bass clarinet solo

For Hunter Nicholson


why can't the world be poetic

piano solo


Orange Blaze Through the Window

trumpet trio


Dangerous Game

symphonic band

Commissioned by the Capitol Hill Middle School Band Program, directed by Jeff Fulton


Burning Away

saxophone quartet

For the Zenith Saxophone Quartet, premiered on October 14, 2018 at Chamichian Recital Hall in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Parker Fritz, soprano saxophone

Diego Kieliszewski, alto saxophone

Ben MacDonald, tenor saxophone

Taylor Huitema, baritone saxophone


Lament Variations

string trio


Examination of the Basis of a Thought

symphonic band​

Commissioned by the Lawrence University Symphonic Band, directed by Dr. Matthew Arau


Liquid Jungle

brass quintet

Available through Murphy Music Press, LLC


Deep Purple

piano solo


On the Nature of Self

piano solo

Winner of the 23rd Annual Eric Stokes Song Contest, hosted by Zeitgeist New Music


...about nothing...

bb clarinet, soprano saxophone, cello, and piano


Cerebral Gestures

brass trio and vibraphone



4-channel fixed media


Sandy Hook Reqiuem



Hymn Dance Episodes

viola, cello, and trombone


Ataraxis 2.3

solo bassoon and electronics

Premiered on June 20, 2017, at the International Double Reeds Society conference in Appleton, Wisconsin

Jacob Fernandez, bassoon

Isaac Mayhew, electronics


Five Images for Solo Piano

piano solo



bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and baritone voice


Cerebral Gestures

brass trio and vibraphone


To Be Mistaken

piano solo

Premiered April 1, 2016, at Heid Music in Appleton, Wisconsin

Alek Wasserman, piano



alto saxophone and marimba

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