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we grow accustomed to the dark

"we grow accustomed to the dark" is a collection of new works for trumpet and electronics which draw on the themes of the Emily Dickinson poem for which it is named - primarily our collective capacity as humans to adapt and thrive in the face of adverse conditions.

Volume 1

The first installment was released in June 2022, featuring works by Isaac Mayhew, Nebal Maysaud, and Daniel Whitworth.

Nebal Maysaud: for Mahmoud Darwish

Nebal Maysaud is an award-winning queer Lebanese Druze composer based in Philadelphia. A recipient of the first Kluge Young Composer’s Competition and the James Ming Prize in Composition at Lawrence University, Maysaud converges Western and Middle Eastern classical music styles to explore questions of faith, identity, and power.

Their music has been performed by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Juventas New Music Ensemble, and Lawrence University Wind Ensemble and Opera Department; and also featured in Art Song Lab 2016 and the District New Music Conference 2018.

Headshot for composer Nebal Maysaud

They have contributed articles about diversity and classical music to NewMusicBox and convened community music workshops at YallaPunk 2019. Maysaud studied with composer Mark Camphouse before entering the studios of John Benson, Andrew Cole, Dirk D’Ase, Joanne Metcalf, and Asha Srinivasan. They hold a B.M. in Music Composition from Lawrence University.

Daniel Whitworth: person or persons

Daniel Whitworth (b. 1996) is a multifaceted composer of concert, film, and game music with a body of works encompassing many different styles and sounds. As a passionate proponent of bringing accessibility to concert spaces, Daniel aims to connect with his audiences by breaking down the barriers that traditionally trap contemporary music in its historic, academic bubble.

Daniel’s music has received recognition across the globe, recently winning awards such as the Lake George International Composition Competition, the American Prize for Instrumental Chamber Music, the Frost International Composition Competition, and the Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award. In the

Headshot for composer Daniel Whitworth

past year, he has been commissioned by the Seattle Opera (as part of his fellowship with the Jane Lang Davis Creation Lab) and by violinist Barbora Kolářová for a unique piece called Alma, a narrative soundscape exploring the haunting story of Alma Rose through the intersection of solo violin and electronics.

Daniel holds a Master of Music in Scoring for Visual Media from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and earned a Bachelor of Music from Lawrence University where he majored in saxophone performance and composition.

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