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Beltine Bones

released March 15, 2024 - Madison, Wisconsin

ALBUM: "we grow accustomed to the dark, vol. 1" by Isaac Mayhew

we grow accustomed to the dark, vol. 1

released June 27, 2022 - Saint Paul, Minnesota

SINGLE: "Music to Ride the Train to" by Isaac Mayhew

Music to Ride the Train to (single)

released March 5, 2021 - Saint Paul, Minnesota

ALBUM: "Convergence" by the Zenith Saxophone Quartet


Zenith Saxophone Quartet

released January 10, 2021 - Mount Pleasant, Michigan

ALBUM: "Walking Songs" by Isaac Mayhew

Walking Songs

released November 6, 2020 - Saint Paul, Minnesota

ALBUM: "Sputter (OPENS THE) Box" by Sputter Box

Sputter (SHRINKS THE) Box

Sputter Box

released July 3, 2020 - New York City, New York

ALBUM: "why can't the world be poetic" by Isaac Mayhew and Evie Werger

why can't the world be poetic

Evie Werger and Isaac Mayhew

released March 26, 2019 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

ALBUM" "Liquid Jungle" by the Liquid Jungle Quintet

Liquid Jungle

Liquid Jungle Quintet

released June 15, 2017 - Appleton, Wisconsin


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